Manchester City Assets: Who to Target?

Manchester City’s last set of games this season look incredibly appealing. The club has secured a top four spot, and hope to be part of the Champions League next season, but still look like they have something to prove.

Their remaining fixtures include – Southampton, Newcastle, Brighton, Bournemouth, Watford, and Norwich. I’ll be going over which players to own for the last stage of the FPL season and why City assets are crucial going forward.

Of course… Kevin De Bruyne (£10.7m)

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 12.53.35

Quite possibly the best player in the Premier League this season, Kevin De Bruyne continues to show the world why he should be in consideration for best player on the planet.

KDB is having a legendary campaign in FPL. A total of 215 FPL points are far and away the best in the game, with Salah trailing in second, 16 points behind.

His influence while on the ball creates more space for Sterling and Mahrez/Foden on the wings as KDB generates attention from defenders. The gaps open up and his eye for a through ball gives his teammates opportunities. Below details his key statistics this season in comparison to the league –

  • 37 FPL points since the restart – 1st
  • 17 assists – 1st
  • 3.5 keys passes/game – 1st
  • 9.2 FPL Form Rating – 1st
  • 51.5% FPL Team selected – 1st
  • 2.2 crosses/game – 2nd
  • 31 FPL bonus points – 3rd
  • 2.9 shots/game – 5th

The stats speak for themselves, but we can’t forget that he’s on all set-pieces. That includes the ever important, penalty kick.

The rest of the season will be unforgettable if KDB can achieve yet another accomplishment, beating Thierry Henry’s Premier League assist record of 20. KDB sits on 17 as of today, but don’t be blind to the fact that he is looking to surpass the Arsenal legend. He would be in the record books and have, arguably, on of the best seasons for a midfielder.

KDB is the most essential FPL player to have and although he will get the odd benching, showcased against Burnley and last night, he still comes on and can do damage. It’s also about the damage he causes when he does start and for that reason, it’s simply not worth losing him. 

Riyad Mahrez (£8.5m)

Manchester City v Burnley FC - Premier League : News Photo

Riyad Mahrez is slowly becoming the talk of the town in FPL. It’s not a surprise considering his form since the Premier League restart. He’s been able to put together strong performances while Pep continues to play with the front 3 attackers.

Mahrez has caught the eye of many FPL managers with some having considered him as a captaincy option for GW33+. Sadly, he was hooked before the 60th minute meaning a one point return in a surprise ‘off’ game for City.

FPL managers should not be deterred by this as it was an outlier in their performance and they still have great fixtures. ‘Off’ days happen, even for Man City, but they created enough to show that they weren’t completely off it. 

Overall, the 29 year-old has 9 goals and 8 assists this season in only 27 appearances. From an FPL standpoint, that’s 149 points, 4th best among midfielders. At £8.5, that is a bargain! In comparison, Sterling has 146 points and costs £11.7.

It’s always difficult with Pep as he rotates out quite a lot, but with Aguero being on the sidelines for the remainder of the season, Mahrez could be the player to take advantage of the opportunity and in the minutes he does get, he typically does deliver, and deliver well. 

Phil Foden (£5.3)

Manchester City v Port Vale - FA Cup Third Round : News Photo

One of the most exciting young prospects in the Premier League and FPL is Phil Foden. Each passing game we are all witnessing a star in the making, maybe not this year, but in the very near future.

The restart of EPL has become a godsend for this young man. Pep has finally bit the bullet and given Foden some consistent time on the pitch, which has made it a little difficult for FPL managers as we have all been a victim to Pep roulette.

Foden has 4 goals and 2 assists since GW30+, good enough for 34 FPL points and 2nd among all FPL players since the restart. Oh, and he also didnt feature in GW31+ against Chelsea. Classic Pep roulette!

The value is there at £5.3, especially since he can free up some funds for a stronger back line or striker. During the Liverpool match, Mahrez came on for Sterling instead of Foden, which is an FPL managers dream if the trend continues. He’s already demonstrated that he has the capability to play with KDB, Sterling, and Mahrez so consistency is huge to prove himself.

If Pep can find the right combination for the last set of games and keep Foden in the starting 11 then he could be the best FPL asset in the game at his price point.

Closing words…

I think with City assets, we just have to take the rotation on the chin, as many of us have said before, with Kevin a must and Raheem Sterling being a little too pricey to risk.

Mahrez and Foden look to be providing better output for their respective prices when compared to Sterling. Of course, we know Raheem has a big haul in him, but equally, it looks like Foden and Mahrez can do the same, so personally, I don’t see any sense in risking that much on a player who isn’t going to give you anymore than Mahrez or Foden can at much lower a price. 

I also feel, given the output that you can get from their attack, that Ederson is a waste of a City slot and is a little too pricey, given you can probably get similar from a much cheaper GK. The ceiling for Ederson is pretty much capped at 6pts whereas the ceiling for their attackers is much higher every game. 

Lastly, Gabriel Jesus was looking like a good option when we found out Aguero was injured for the season, but he’s looked off it somewhat. I don’t think it’s a bad place to go, but I think Foden and Mahrez are still more appealing at a cheaper price. 




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