Predicting the Dream Team – Fix vs. Texan (Gameweek 3)

Hello, and welcome to the 3rd edition of this season’s Predicting the Dream Team brought to you by me, FPL Texan. In this article, we preview FPL Gameweek 3 of the 2021/2022 season.

In this series, I go head-to-head each week with Fantasy Football Fix to see who can select the best team of the week, their algorithm or myself. It is a classic battle of man vs. machine!

Lets see who won last weeks matchup…

ManagerGameweek PointsOverall PointsH2H Score
FPL Texan821901
Fantasy Football Fix Algorithm841891

As you can see, Fantasy Football Fix has won this week in a close one!

The main difference was Fix’s selection of Ruben Dias, who scored 11 FPL points against Norwich.

Moving on to Gameweek 3, lets take a look at Fantasy Football Fix’s team.

Fix’s Predicted Team of the Week

Please note that this team is accurate as of Thursday 26th August. However, the algorithm team updates right up until deadline with news from press conferences and potential injuries.

Therefore, to stay completely up to date with the algorithm team, you can check it yourself at

Next, we will look at my predicted team of the week and reasonings behind each decision.

Texan’s Predicted Team of the Week

Important note before we begin – this is not my actual team for Gameweek 3, but instead my predicted team of the week (almost as though I had a free hit to choose as I wish).


  • Price: £5.5m
  • Ownership: 6.5%
  • Projected Points: 4.4 Points

Lloris makes his debut this week in the team of the week this week, with Spurs facing newly promoted Watford. The Spurs defence has looked quite solid to start the season, keeping 2 clean sheets in a row against Manchester City and Wolves.

Lloris has been a big part of these clean sheets, with 10 saves in the first 2 matches, and is the highest scoring keeper in FPL so far. The possible Premier League debut of Christian Romero this week could make the defence even better.

Lloris is averaging 5 saves per match, leading to almost 2 save points per match.


  • Price: £6.0m
  • Ownership: 26.2%
  • Projected Points: 3.5 Points

Dias makes the team of the week this week with a matchup against Arsenal. Dias is coming off a great week in which he secured 11 FPL points. This week, City face an Arsenal side that has not gotten off to a great start, ranking 6th worst in xG in the league. City have been great defensively as usual, ranking 2nd best in xGA behind only Chelsea.

I expect Arsenal’s poor form to continue, so Dias and the City defence should be a good pick this week for a clean sheet.


  • Price: £5.0m
  • Ownership: 12.4%
  • Projected Points: 4.6 Points

Coufal makes the team of the week this week, with a nice matchup against Crystal Palace at home. Crystal Palace have struggled in the first two games, with the lowest xG to start the season at 0.93. This bodes well for a decent West Ham defence.

Coufal also offers a solid attacking return potential, with him being very active in the attacking build-up. He leads all West Ham defenders in xA per 90 at 0.39, which is also third on the whole team.

I think all West Ham assets are great picks this week, so their best attacking defender in Coufal makes the team of the week.


  • Price: £5.5m
  • Ownership: 51.1%
  • Projected Points: 3.9 Points

Luke Shaw makes the team of the week again this week, with a matchup against Wolves. Luke Shaw has had a bit of a disappointing start for FPL managers, with just 5 FPL points so far. His stats would suggest he is underperforming his output though, with his xFPL points at 5.80 per 90 mins. He also is ever active on the United attack, ranking 3rd in xA per 90 at 0.21 for the Red Devils.

Shaw has yet to record a return this season, but I think that could change this week against Wolves.


  • Price: £7.6m
  • Ownership: 12.2%
  • Projected Points: 4.7 Points

Greenwood rounds out my United triple up this gameweek. Greenwood has been in great form to start the season, with a goal in each of the first two games. He ranks 4th on the team in xG per 90 at 0.18, and 4th in xA per 90 at 0.20. He also leads the team in shots per 90 at 4, displaying his eye for goal this season.

Greenwood has been on hot form to kick off the season, and I think that could continue this week against Wolves.


  • Price: £10.1m
  • Ownership: 24.7m
  • Projected Points: 4.7 Points

Son makes the team of the week with a nice matchup against Watford. Watford rank 9th worst in xGA to start the season, so Son and spurs could be in for a nice week. Son ranks third on the team in xG per 90 at 0.28, and is averaging a team high 3.89 shots per 90. Son has an xFPL per 90 of 5.03, which ranks first on the side.

Son is a great option this week, and a sneaky captain pick for some managers so he makes the team of the week.


  • Price: £12.1m
  • Ownership: 57.7m
  • Projected Points: 5.4 Points

Bruno is my captaincy choice this week, with a matchup against Wolves. Bruno has had a hot start to the season, with a hattrick in the first match. He ranks 2nd on the team in xG per 90 at 0.43 and 2nd in xA per 90 at 0.30. Wolves have been middle of the road in xGA defensively, ranking 10th this season whilst United have been strong offensively ranking 6th in xG.

Bruno had a quiet game last week, but I expect him to get on the score sheet in some fashion this week against Wolves.


  • Price: £6.2m
  • Ownership: 20.9m
  • Projected Points: 4.7 Points

Benrahma rounds out the midfield this week, with a great matchup against Crystal Palace. Benrahma has been one of the hottest players in the league to start the season, with 2 goals and 2 assists to start the season. He ranks 8th amongst midfielders in xG per 90 at 0.51, and 10th in xA per 90 at 0.32. He also ranks 7th in the league at xFPL per 90 at 8.01 points.

The Benrahma train is in full force, so he’s a no brainer in the team of the week this week.


  • Price: £7.7m
  • Ownership: 38.0%
  • Projected Points: 6.1 Points

Antonio is in the team of the week again this week. Antonio is arguably the hottest player in the league at the moment, with 3 goals and 3 assists in the first two games. Antonio ranks 2nd in the league for xG per 90 at 1.25, and 9th in the league for xA per 90 at 0.45.

This week, he faces a Palace defence that although ranks 6th in the league for xGA, do not instil me with confidence against an on fire West Ham side.

Antonio is in phenomenal form, so he’s a no brainer in the team of the week and a possible captain selection for me.


  • Price: £8.2m
  • Ownership: 16.0%
  • Projected Points: 4.0 Points

DCL is in the team of the week this week, with a matchup against Brighton. DCL has started the season in a very strong fashion once again, with 2 goals in the first two weeks. DCL also ranks third in the league for xG per 90, at 1.04, and 12th in the league for xFPL points per 90 at 7.36 xFPL. DCL also leads Everton in shots per 90 at 4.53.

Brighton are a relatively strong defence, but I think DCL could continue his goal streak to 3 in 3 games this week against them.


  • Price: £8.1m
  • Ownership: 4.01%
  • Projected Points: 5.4 Points

Ings makes it 3 for 3 in teams of the week this season, with a matchup against Brentford. Ings ranks 6th in the league for forwards on xG per 90 at 0.44, and is 2nd for Villa in that category. Brentford rank 5th highest in xGA, but having only faced Palace and Arsenal, they are still somewhat of an unknown defensively. The possibility of Watkins returning could also boost Ings potential to return with more help up top.

Ings scored a stunner last week, and whilst he might not score one like that again for a while, I do think a goal is possible again this week for him.

Man vs. Machine: Who Will Win?

Now you have seen our teams, who do you think will win this week? Man or Machine?

Will Fix make it two in a row? Or will I take the lead again?

Let us know in the comments who you think will win!

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More to come

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