FPLConnect.UK – Our New Custom FPL Mini-Leagues Site Explained

Hello everyone! We are beyond delighted to announce that our new website, FPLConnect.UK, is now LIVE and ready for you to jump on and enjoy! In this article, we will briefly explain what you can do on our site, and why we think it is a game-changer for FPL.

What is the website? What can I do on it?

Essentially, our website allows you to create customisable mini-leagues in FPL, beyond the scope of what is possible on the official FPL site.

The important thing to note is that this is still FPL. You continue to manage your team on the main FPL site, you simply create and view your leagues with us. It couldn’t be easier!

The two key areas of customisation are: 1) format of the league; 2) duration of the league.

Format Customisation

On our site, we currently offer four different formats for your mini-leagues:

  1. Classic Format
  2. H2H Format
  3. Elimination Format (last manager standing)
  4. Champions League “UCL” Format (tournament-style)

ELIMINATION: In the elimination format, the lowest scoring manager will be removed each week until there is one manager standing at the end! This is not possible on the official site but adds a brilliant twist to your mini-leagues. You just have to make sure you aren’t in that bottom spot each week!

UCL: In the UCL format, you can either have 16-team or 32-team tournaments. Managers are drawn into groups of four and play against each other twice, before progressing into the knockout stage! Once in the knockout stage, managers will be randomly drawn and battle against fellow managers across two legs.

Duration Customisation

For the classic, H2H and elimination formats you can customise the duration to suit your wants and needs. Only want to create a mini-league for the month of September? No worries, you can do that! Only want to create a mini-league for the second half of the season, you can do that too!

The ability to customise the format and duration will allow you to have full control over your FPL mini-league experience!

How can I create a league?

Creating a league on our site has been made with the users in mind. Once you have signed up, it takes less than 2 minutes to create the league of your choice to share with your friends, family or colleagues. Once the league is set up, you just sit back and let us control the admin for you, only checking in to make sure you are still top of the league!

In the graphic above, you can see there are three simple steps which take a matter of minutes. We allow full customisation, but not at the expense of your time!

Join our FREE to enter £1,000 cash prize league

To celebrate the launch of our site, and to provide the community with a fun tournament to follow this season, we have set up a FREE to enter, 2-stage tournament which will result in one of YOU winning £1,000. Just to reiterate, it is FREE and you could be taking home the jackpot!

We are making the most of the customisable nature of the website, and running a classic league for the first half of the season to qualify for the winner takes all 32-team UCL league in the second half of the season. It really is going to be exciting!

Additional Features – and plans for the future!

We also offer features beyond that of customising the duration and format of your mini-leagues. For example, you are able to view your own statistics from the season, including how many benched points you have and trends regarding your overall rank across the season.

With a Tier 3 membership you are also able to view the stats of your mini-league rivals too. Analyse their strengths and weaknesses to get a major edge over them in your league!

We also have BIG plans for the future, but we need the support of you, the FPL Community, in order to invest the money back into the site and continue improving.

Please support us on this journey, and sign up now at FPLConnect.uk!


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