Introducing Free to Play ‘Fantasy Five’: Your Chance to Win £10,000

If, like me, you’ve played Sky Sports’ Super 6 game and FPL, you will LOVE this game.

‘Fantasy Five’ ( is pretty much a blend of the Super 6 concept married in with choosing players who we think will do the best based on an FPL points scoring system, and I’m having a go at it from now on!

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The aim of the game is simply to select ONE player from 5 selected Premier League matches who we think will outscore their ‘points target’. If ALL 5 outscore their points target, you win the jackpot of £10,000! Who doesn’t love a free shot at a big pile of money?!

There’s no budget, you can pick whoever you like from either side, but of course, the more expensive players like Mane/Salah will have higher points targets than say a Gini Wijnaldum, who doesn’t score or assist often, so you will have to be savvy with your pick, just like in FPL.

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The rules from the website

It is scored identically to FPL however, there is no bonus points system and thus, no bonus points, so bare that in mind when making your selections!

The best part of it all? It’s quick and simple to sign in and it’s completely FREE every time you play. There’s nothing to lose.

If, like me, you fancy yourself a decent FPL player and think you’re savvy enough to pick the right players, then register an account and start playing by hitting the link below.


My Team and Suggestions for Gameweek 7

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Burnley v Chelsea

Given Burnley’s rugged defence under Sean Dyche and with James Tarkowski back, I’m less inclined to want to choose a Chelsea attacker in this one, seeing as most of their points targets require them to get 2 returns at least.

I quite fancy Burnley to grab a goal in this one, as they have done in this fixture on 4 of the last 5 occasions at Turf Moor against Chelsea.

Ashley Barnes has grabbed a couple in this fixture previously, and with his points target set at 4.5, just 1 goal or 1 assist would be enough to see him eclipse his target.

Liverpool v West Ham

With this one, you’d presume a Liverpool attacker would be the one, but with Mane’s points target set at 11.5 and Salah’s at 12.5, both would have to get minimum 2 goals to beat their target/have a chance at beating it.

2 goals would be enough for Sadio but for Mo, he would need 2 goals and a clean sheet, or 3 attacking returns to beat it given there is no bonus.

So, with VVD out long term and now Fabinho out too, as well Liverpool already looking shaky at the back before these injuries, I back West Ham to grab a goal in this one and given Antonio has now been ruled out injured, I’ve gone with Tomas Soucek.

At 5.5 points target, he just needs to grab a goal and given his instructions are to get in the box for headers when the ball gets wide from open play and of course, the threat he carries from set-pieces, I back him to get a chance or two.

Newcastle v Everton

With the points targets set very awkwardly for this game, this was the toughest to find any kind of value. Dominic Calvert-Lewin is set at a points target of 10.5 meaning he’d need 3 attacking returns to beat it, whilst Callum Wilson is set at 6.5 meaning he’d need 2 attacking returns.

So, I’ve gone with Colomobian meastro James Rodriguez to beat an 8.5 target. He’ll need 2 assists and a clean sheet, a goal and an assist or two goals minimum to beat this target.

It’s a tough one for him, but he’s demonstrated so far that he can hit the big hauls and Newcastle’s defence this season hasn’t been the most solid, with them sitting 4th highest for xGA (expected goals against) with a value of 9.24.

Man United v Arsenal

Another game that was difficult to find any value in, as I personally don’t expect this game to have many goals.

For me, the value is in Edinson Cavani at a 7.5pts target with Tony Martial out with suspension.

Rashford could lead the line for United, after having not started the mid-week UCL tie against Leipzig where he came on from the bench and scored a hat-trick, but Cavani didn’t start that game because Anthony Martial was available as his ban does not count towards European ties.

Bruno Fernandes and Rashford both come in at a points target of 10.5 for this game which would require both to hit 2 attacking returns minimum. If Edinson is too much of a risk for you, then I would opt for Bruno, as he’s on all set-pieces for United.

Spurs v Brighton

The target’s on this match are clever, because even 2 attacking returns wouldn’t be enough for Kane/Bale/Son.

Bale and Son are set at 12.5 and Kane is at 10.5. Kane’s points target makes it look a no-brainer but remember, it’s 4pts for a goal for a forward, he gets no midfield clean sheet bonus point and there is no bonus points in general. So two goals wouldn’t be enough!

I have however opted for Kane, as he’s in scintillating form and is at the heart of everything good that they do, goals and assists wise. Add in that he’s the penalty taker and the fact Brighton have conceded 12 goals from their opening 6 games and there’s a fairly decent chance Kane could hit 3 attacking returns in this one.

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