Manchester United Assets: Who To Target?

Manchester United have some really appealing assets to go into the run-in with, and also have the fixtures to match this appeal, with their remaining fixtures being Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Leicester.

All this means that there are Red Devils players with some very high ceilings that could be put into your FPL team. So in this article, I’ll be analysing some of the better picks to fill your 3-player quota in the latter stages of the season.

Bruno Fernandes (£8.8m)

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 08.35.32

We’ll start off with the player who has seemingly transformed United since his signing in January, in the form of Bruno Fernandes.

Since making the move to Manchester, Fernandes has racked up 5 goals and 3 assists in just 8 league matches, including a brace at the Amex Stadium in GW32+.

He also is a little bit like Danny Ings, in the sense that his goals tend to also earn him at least 2 bonus points. In all 4 of the games in which Fernandes has scored, the Portuguese playmaker has notched a total of 10 bonus points.

It also ought to be noted here that United’s next opponents are Bournemouth and Aston Villa, who have conceded 50 and 60 goals respectively this season. This surely means that if Bruno plays, he will likely be heavily involved on the attacking front.

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And to prove this involvement – Fernandes has had 606 touches of the ball in just 8 games, which is just over half of Marcus Rashford‘s total of 1134, with just under a third of the number of games played .

The attacking involvement, however, is also backed up by results. The former Sporting CP man averages a goal every 6 shots, with 30 taken in the league already this season, with a few occasions on which he has put a shot marginally off target, but well beyond the reach of the keeper.

Ultimately, United have been well improved. But it has to be the involvement and directness of Bruno Fernandes which has been the catalyst for this improvement; and that is why, for me, he is the best option for your FPL teams.

Anthony Martial (£8.2m)

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Now, since the moment Ole Gunnar Solskjaer began playing Anthony Martial as a striker, we knew that there was potential for a player listed as a midfielder in FPL.

And with as many goals as Marcus Rashford this season (14), perhaps the Frenchman should have a little bit more hype behind him on the FPL scene than he does already.

He does have just 3 assists this season, but this shouldn’t deter managers from buying a very nice OOP asset, with a very nice run to the end of the season.

Martial scored a hat-trick in United’s match against Sheffield United in GW31+, so he certainly has proved that he can be explosive. It’s simply a matter of him being able to reproduce that type of performance, which is certainly possible against some of the league’s worst defences.

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However, despite the fact he has played one more game than Rashford, and in a more advanced position, Martial trails the Englishman in shots, with 66 compared to Rashford’s 79.

On the flip side, the Frenchman does make more of his shots, with 69.39% shot accuracy so far this season, which smashes Rashford’s 54.69%, and a 21.21% shot-to-goal conversion rate, which still compares favourably to Rashford, who has a 17.72% conversion rate.

Given the other forward options available, and the fact that Martial is playing OOP and is considerably cheaper, I would definitely be more inclined to pick Martial over Rashford for the run-in.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka (£5.5m)

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It’s easy to say that Aaron Wan-Bissaka is Man Utd’s best defensive option in FPL, and by a landslide at that. The England U-21 international has the most points of any United defender so far this term, with 108, which puts him 50 points ahead of the next best full-back, Luke Shaw.

He has also earned a massive 15 bonus points this season; the joint second-most of any defender in the game, behind only Trent Alexander-Arnold, who has 21. This is helped by his 108 completed tackles (second only to Ricardo Pereira of Leicester with 119) and 55 interceptions.

With 4 assists to his name, as well as 9 clean sheets in 29 games this season, Wan-Bissaka already seems a quality addition to any FPL team. But there is surely a little more I can do to twist your arm, right?

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Attack-wise, Wan-Bissaka has also looked dangerous, seeming to play higher up the field, especially when Nemanja Matic plays as a holding midfielder. This seems to almost transform the Red Devils’ formation into one with 3 at the back, which naturally allows Wan-Bissaka forwards.

As a result, AWB has completed 87 crosses this season, which is just 5 less than winger Daniel James.

And for one final point, the former DR Congo U20 international is yet to miss a minute of league football since the end of December, mainly owing to the fact that there is very little option for rotation at right back since the departure of Ashley Young.

Therefore, Wan-Bissaka should be nailed for most of the rest of the season, so as a Man Utd defensive option, with potential for attacking returns, there are none better than AWB at the moment.




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