Assessing Aston Villa’s Prospects For Double Gameweek 30+

The battle for EPL survival continues this week as Aston Villa attempt to alter there destiny and save their season. What does that mean for FPL managers and Jack Grealish owners? Would it be wise to have more than one Villa player for the DGW? Let’s dive in!

Form and Motivation

Aston Villa v Derby County - Sky Bet Championship Play-off Final : News Photo

It’s no secret that Aston Villa might not be up to the standards of Premier League football and while we don’t know where they will finish, Dean Smith will be looking to motivate the boys each and every match to stay alive. 

GW 24: Aston Villa 2 – 1 Watford

GW 25: Bournemouth 2 – 1 Aston Villa

GW 26: Aston Villa 2 – 3 Tottenham Hotspur

GW 27: Southampton 2 – 0 Aston Villa

GW 29: Leicster City 4 – 0 Aston Villa

Their form hasn’t been great since the stoppage and with 1 win over their last 5 PL matches, the signs are quite troubling. The Lions must get a result during this DGW to show any sign of life – their season depends on it.


It seems like every match for Villa is a difficult one and thats because, it is. Sheffield Utd and Chelsea visit Villa Park as both opponents try to secure European qualification for next year’s Champions League and Europa League competitions.

GW 30+ –

Aston Villa v. Sheffield Utd. – Wednesday June 17 @ Villa Park

Aston Villa v. Chelsea – Sunday June 22 @ Villa Park

Nothing is ideal for Aston Villa at this point considering their position in the league table and while they can count on home ground to restart, they can’t count on the crowd watching from the stands. A major blow for a team that can thrive off fan support.

Aston Villa v Derby County - Sky Bet Championship Play-off Final : News Photo

Assets to Consider

Jack Grealish – £6.4m

The most transferred in player for this DGW is Jack Grealish. With over 260,000 FPL managers hoping to achieve some greatness from the best Aston Villa asset this year.

Grealish has 7 goals and 7 assists on the season totalling a healthy 118 FPL points. Good enough for 9th amongst all midfield players, which is impressive on all accounts considering their strikers have been very poor this campaign.

Aston Villa v Derby County - Sky Bet Championship Play-off Final : News Photo

Unfortunately, the remainder of the squad isn’t that tempting. 

John McGinn £5.4m could perhaps be the only other worth serious consideration but at that price, Grealish has to be the one you choose. Taking another slot on your midfield for a Villa asset sounds potentially wasteful unless you have come down with a serious case of DGW fever!

Aston Villa have conceded the most goals in the PL (56) and are tied for last in clean sheets (4), so defensive assets really are extremely unlikely to see decent returns, but if you haven’t much left in your budget, Matt Targett £4.4m represents the best option with a goal and 3 assists so far this season from full back. 

Up front, the trouble continues with only 6 goals between the main strikers. The injured Wesley and the newest addition in Samatta £5.8m in January who has played 4 out of a possible 4 and scored 1 goal with no assists. Samatta has seen himself in a lot of FPL squads in the community but with an unproven track record, difficult fixtures and in a team that are struggling, it’s difficult to see him producing much. 

But I suppose at that price, with a baseline of 4pts with two games to get himself an attacking return, it’s not the worst punt. 


The answer is and always has been Jack Grealish. His price tag and form this year are undeniable and he’ll be well owned going into GW30+, so going against him could cost your rank for the season run in. 

Beyond him, there isn’t much choice that holds much hope. McGinn perhaps and a punt on new boy Samatta, but that’s about it. 

Based on what we’ve seen from Villa this season, don’t expect too much out of any of the defensive assets, but if you’re struggling for cash, goalkeeper Reina or Matt Targett represent the best of a relatively poor bunch. 



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