Buy, Sell, or Hold – FPL Double Gameweek 29

Player to Buy – Matt Doherty (£6.2m)

Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League : News Photo

The double game weeks (DGW) and blank game weeks (BGW) are upon us and fixtures have been set for certain teams and FPL players.

Wolves are one of the hottest teams in the EPL right now and with that being said, Matt Doherty is my choice for players to buy this week.

Doherty is playing so well at the moment that he simply can’t be ignored any longer. His price tag is steep at £6.2, but if you compare his stats with a similarly priced Periera (£6.3) from Leicester, the stats speak for themselves. Check out the comparison below –

The average points per game is the same, but he has 1 more goal and 3 more assists than Pereira, not to mention Leicester City don’t play in GW 31.

Wolves have a favorable schedule coming up as well –

Yes, I know you might be wondering… “why not Aubameyang?” Yes, of course it depends on your team situation, but Doherty cannot be ignored. At 6.7% ownership, he is the player to own as a potentially huge differential.

Honorable Mentions – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyan (£11.0), Diogo Jota (£6.3)

Player to Sell – Jamie Vardy (£9.8m)

Leicester City v Manchester City - Premier League : News Photo

As an FPL Manager for almost 3 years now, one of the worst parts of this game is when a flourishing striker dips so fast and hard that you just wait and wait until that form comes back, but sometimes… it never does.

I hate to say it, but I have sold Jamie Vardy and will not be looking back. The form has been gone for some time and I kept holding off on this eventual moment. It’s frustrating as an FPL manager, but letting go is sometimes the best case.

0 goals and 1 assist since GW 19 are just some of the issues with Vardy. The big issue lies with the team as a whole, something just isn’t right with The Foxes. The wheels have fallen off and if the trend continues then we could see them fall out of the top 4, quick.

With their recent form and the blank GW coming in 31, my suggestion is to move on and buy a player in better form for the price.

Dishonorable Mentions – James Maddison (7.5)

Player to Hold – Kevin De Bruyne (£10.7m)

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Final : News Photo

Don’t you dare do it! Do not, for any reason sell KDB. You can’t!

65 thousand managers have decided to let go of the Belgian player for some reason. Yes, he is flagged and Pep loves to play roulette, but he is the best player in the league for a reason! Letting go could mean major disappointment down the line and now that Pep has given us a bit more clarity on the situation, it seems as though there may even be a chance he plays in the derby. 

The schedule doesn’t look great, but let’s not pay attention to the red FDR teams. Arsenal and Manchester United are always capable of struggling to City, as they have in the past

The signs are obviously difficult to ignore, especially if you are a manager that needs every player to play to help with your rank. I suggest holding KDB until further notice, you might regret letting go of the best player in the game.

Honorable Mentions – Danny Ings (£7.2), Anthony Martial (£8.0)



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