Why Are London Clubs Struggling In The Premier League?

2019/20 looks to be another season where clubs from the north of England are dominating the Premier League. With Liverpool looking unstoppable, and both Manchester City and Leicester City also playing some great football, the big question is why are London’s football clubs finding it so hard to compete?

English top-flight football has been in existence since 1888. Since then, London clubs have only managed to win 21 titles which are relatively mediocre compared to football teams from the north-west who have been declared champions no less than 60 times.

However, it’s important to note that London clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal have won seven out of the last 18 Premier League titles. In addition to this, Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace are among the London teams who are still attracting good odds at sports betting sites.

Many football fans will be also be using bonus codes from the likes of the popular bet365 bonus code among others to make sure that they get more for their bets for these teams to at least be playing European football next season. But what’s stopping the likes of Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Crystal Palace and West Ham from raising their game? 

Lack Of Passion In The Nation’s Capital? 

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Football has always been felt to be a distinctly northern sport. From the very early success of Preston North End to the dominance of Manchester United, Manchester City and now Liverpool, the passion of football fans in the north of England is without question.

It’s not for nothing that Arsenal’s old stadium, Highbury, was nicknamed ‘the library’ as a result of the sheer lack of volume produced by the club’s fans. Plus West Ham’s London Stadium has repeatedly been criticised by the football team’s fans due to the lack of atmosphere in the vast, but soulless arena.

 That is in direct contrast to the experience of many top football clubs in the north of the country. Liverpool’s incredible triumph over Barcelona in the Champions League last year was as much a result of the noise generated by the Kop as it was by the team’s efforts on the pitch. Although many criticise Manchester United for having fair-weather fans, there is little doubting the enthusiasm at Old Trafford whenever the Red Devils play.

Money Can’t Buy Talent 

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 16.00.32.png

London is by far the wealthiest part of the UK, and many of the capital’s clubs have attracted some very wealthy investors. But this hasn’t always translated to success on the pitch.

While the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s money helped Chelsea pick up a few Premier League titles in the 21st century, such financial help can’t always buy lasting success.

Arsenal’s ongoing troubles have mainly been blamed on the shambolic efforts of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment owners. The American company got criticised for failing to understand the culture of the London club, and managerial appointments such as that of recently departed Unai Emery have suggested that these accusations might carry some weight. 

A Lack Of Belief? 

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 16.04.40.png

For all of the big money circulating through many of London’s football clubs, there’s a distinct lack of belief that any of them could pose a serious title threat.

Perennial underachievers Tottenham Hotspur may have a squad that’s packed with talent and a world-famous manager. Still, recent results have suggested that Spurs solely lack the passion for getting the results when it counts.

Even though Crystal Palace have managed to put in some great results, they did this by desperately clinging onto their star player Wilfried Zaha. That hints at the fact that the club owners can’t imagine ever investing the money necessary ever to replace him should he be poached by a bigger side.

 Such lack of belief is in direct contrast to recent efforts from clubs like Leicester City and Sheffield United who have managed to become much more than the sum of their parts. All of which suggests that more is needed than just money to fix London’s Premier League malaise.



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