FPL Strategy: The Journey

Gameweek 9 review

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Going into the gameweek, I was quietly confident about my team. I had a decent eleven starting, lots of potential captains in my team and some favourable fixtures.

I really thought that I would post a 60+ score if all went well however, that dream never materialised and my team struggled to get out of second gear (as usual).

From a defensive point of view, 2 of my players got good returns. Guilbert got an assist to give him 5 points and the dependable Rico came off the bench and bagged a clean sheet and some bonus point to get me 8 points. Overall I was happy with the defence.

My midfield was really disappointing. Mount, Cantwell (off the bench for the injured Salah) and KDB all got three points each however, my Captain for the day Raheem Sterling, did get amongst the points (albeit not a huge amount), he got an assist and so overall I was content with that given the low captain scores and GW average.

Now onto my toothless and annoying attack.

Abraham again blanked. Missed some big chances too. I am not so concerned about him yet, as he is getting into the right positions. Also, Connolly, I thought was very unlucky in the first half and if it wasn’t for the sending off, he may have grabbed some points (but annoyingly was sacrificed at half time). So for £4.5m I’m not going to curse to much that he didn’t deliver as you shouldn’t expect too much for that price.

Overall I got 40 points and had a small green arrow, bearing down on the 500k mark. So for me, I have to take the positives and put it down as a positive week overall, given how much of a struggle it was to get points.

Gameweek 10 preview

So, earlier in the week on Twitter, I put up my plan of where I would like to get my team to.

A noticeable omission was Aubameyang. People have questioned me on that and asking me why. Well, the main reason is that I just don’t think the team he plays in is that consistent. They blow hot and cold and that I think affects the amount of points he brings in.

Additionally, they don’t create a lot of clear scoring chances. Auba is undoubtably a world class striker, he will continue to score goals, but having said that, I think my premium players (10m+) going forward will mainly come from the two premium clubs in the league.

Both Liverpool and Man City teams are consistently creating a lot of chances for their forwards, so I’m happy to spend big on them and prefer it to Aubameyang.

This week, although it’s not finalised, I will probably bank my transfer.

The reason for this is that, any transfer I do make this week will not set the world alight and won’t probably catch me huge returns. So I thought I would play a slightly weaker team this week and then look at a double or triple transfer next week to shake things up again.

If this view changes before the deadline, I will let you all know via my twitter handle.


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This week, I was always set to put it on KDB. He is very consistent at home and is in great form. Having said that, after the sterling performance from Raheem in mid-week, it has got me thinking twice.

So my captain will be one of the two. Currently it’s leaning towards KDB, but I may just switch to Raheem – it could go to the wire.

Differential of the week

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I have been doing pretty well with this previously. Last week I chose Jiménez and predicting a bandwagon in the coming weeks, and it’s seems to be the case, as his ownership is rising and he of course did well last GW.

This week the player I think will do well, is Anthony Martial.

He was popular before he got injured, but his ownership has dropped hugely (less than 3.5% owned) because of his injury. He scored a penalty in the Europa league and came off early and I think, (if he stays fit) he may become a staple in our teams for Man Utd’s excellent run.

Now, I get Man United are struggling at the moment, but with that excellent performance against Liverpool, and a win (albeit an underwhelming one) against Partizan, might be the start of a bit of a run in form. With the fixtures they have, they simply have to put a good run together, otherwise, Ole’s time in charge could be cut very short.

Flop of the week

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I have been doing well here too recently so the pressure is on to continue my correct predictions.

This week, the flop of the week I think will be the Chelsea attack.

Although I do like them, and want them to do well, I just think with the tough mid-week game against Ajax and then playing Burnley away, that to me has a potential low scoring game written on it.

Burnley are very astute in defence and rarely give teams many chances. I can see Burnley knicking a low scoring win or a low scoring draw.

Anyway hope you all enjoyed the my article, good luck to you all for the GW!



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