One Man’s Team Journey – FPL Gameweek 1

Introducing… ‘Called It FPL’

As part of a new feature, each GW, we’ll be following the progress of a brilliant FPL manager that’s masterminded his way to incredible 15th and 1027th finishes in previous years, amongst other solid campaigns inside the top 10k/100k.

Get the thought processes of a truly excellent FPL manager right here every GW and learn the subtle differences that separate the good, from the great.

His Twitter account >>


While it’s hard to believe it now, there was a time (though it feels like ages ago), when my weekend mood didn’t depend on fantasy football.

When I listened to my work colleagues talking about something called “Premier League” and I wouldn’t even blink an eye.

When I didn’t want to yell at anyone around me after my defender conceded a last minute goal that took away “my” clean sheet (and bonus) points.

I miss those times. They were…simpler times. I still look back fondly at them and think “It would be good to have my life back.” But it only lasts until my captain scores a hat-trick (or even a single goal will do), I see those green arrows and SWOOSH – I swoop back in.

So, just like that, the season is upon us and our wives (or husbands) are probably rolling their eyes at us thinking “It’s just a phase, it’s just a phase…” Sadly, it’s most probably not. And here we are.

I’ll just come out and admit – I’ve had my share of luck over the years. I finished 15th overall in 2012/13 and 1027th in 2016/17 (both on my personal team) and 8096th in 2017/18 with the official Twitter CalledIt team as my personal bests. Full disclosure – my best finish came when I didn’t really study the game much. Go figure.

The Team

Without further ado, this is what I will (most likely) go into the start of the season with:CalledIt-Team-GW1.png


Premium Players

My premium picks boiled down to Mohamed Salah, Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane.

I believe the selection of Egyptian international is pretty straightforward, which left one more premium spot available if I wanted to have a somewhat balanced team.

The decision wasn’t a simple one, but it kind of makes sense on paper – I wanted to have good ol’ ‘Arry in my team. Rested, fully fit and (looks like) in good shape, I hope he will start the season with something to prove. Sorry, Raheem.

While Kevin De Bruyne was a frustrating pick last season with all the injuries and all, the new price looks like a potential gold mine. A proven FPL asset on an amazing team. If only he could stay healthy – and it (kind of) covers not having Sterling (but not really). I also realize and fully accept that this could easily end up in tears.

Medium-priced Players

Gylfi Sigurdsson was a gem for my team last year and is always welcomed, especially when he finds his purple patch. With a mediocre pre-season, I put my hopes into his pedigree and hope he finds that patch sooner rather than later.

Joshua King is a cheap-man’s Wilson (should be on penalties), while Ayoze Perez has a big potential with that price tag.

Two defensive towers in Andrew Robertson and Virgil Van Dijk feel like a must at this point. It is not something I like to do (doubling up on defence), so unless they really lock things up at the back, one of them will most likely become a City defender.

Budget Enablers

Goalkeepers Nick Pope and Tom Heaton could offer good value, while Lewis Dunk and the rest of the bench fodder are just that – enablers that I hope will play.

Next Steps

Now I sit back and wait. The team feels like a pretty safe one and I like that at the start.

Hopefully it will be enough to get me into top 100k by GW5 and by then, we will know how the new signings have adapted to life in Premier League and who will get regular minutes. A wildcard or a mini-wildcard is to be my planned answer then.

Good luck to everyone, a happy start to the new season and don’t forget to kiss your loved ones – they will miss you now over the weekends as we all walk into the dreaded FPL frenzy.


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