Gameweek 37 Pre-Match Preamble

The penultimate Gameweek of the season has arrived, marking the sad thought that the season is close to it’s inevitable end and an FPL-less summer beckons…

But let’s not get all doom and gloom as let’s face it, I think some of us may be looking forward to a bit of a break from it all AND, there are still 2 Gameweeks to go that could change the fortunes of many!

For me personally, I’m currently sat at a healthy and respectable circa 81,000 overall. After how poorly last season went, I look at that rank and am quite pleased, but it’s difficult to separate my mind from the old adage; “what might have been”.

I started well, and in GW15, I was at 15k overall and ready to push on over Christmas with the second WC and then all my chips reserved for the latter end of the season. But Lady Luck and some admittedly poorly timed transfers (Agüero-Aubameyang gate for example) struck me hard and pushed me back down to 235k by GW30.

But below, you can clearly see based on @FPLReview’s excellent tool that I have actually been quite unlucky and had I not experienced such luck, I might be in the top 10k (fair rank).

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 15.37.14
Screenshot taken from 


Since then, using the chips and some better timed transfers, I’ve managed to pluck my way back up the ranks and the top 1% of overall managers is now in my sights (63k) and I am optimistic of reaching it.

GW37 thoughts 

Going onto GW37, I can really see Leicester putting up a good fight at City. They are 3pts off Wolves and as such, still have an outside chance of getting that 7th spot which could secure them Europa League qualification.

Liverpool, may well struggle away at Newcastle. Man City have already found out how tough that place can be this season having lost 2-1 to them earlier in the campaign. I can see them stifling Liverpool and after such a demoralising defeat to Barcelona on Tuesday, having played really well and coming out of it 3-0 down, St James’ Park really isn’t the place you want to go afterwards.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 15.46.54.png

I look at my team, and I’m quite hopeful of a good score this week, with some of those fixtures on paper looking really good, like Wolves, but Fulham have 3 wins on the bounce and not only that, but 3 clean sheets!

Brighton displayed they can be frustrated after gaining a 0-0 draw in their last game at Molineux, so even this one could be a banana skin.

All my hopes rest on captain Eden Hazard’s shoulders. I have brought him in for Sadio Mané, based on earlier logic, and the fact that Hazard has amassed 63pts in his previous 6 games at Stamford Bridge.

Add in him only playing 30 minutes in Frankfurt last night, with the fact Watford have shipped 14 big chances in the last 5 games and it’s looking a no-brainer right?! Right? Yeah I know… he’s gonna blank.

It’s been that kind of season for me HOWEVER, if you keep plucking away, luck does eventually turn.

General ‘end of season’ advice

I’ve seen a lot in the community looking to take massive risks as it’s coming to the end of the season. My advice would be to stay the course and keep playing YOUR game.

Yes okay, if you’re chasing a mini-league and you need to gain points, then look for an opportunity to catch, but don’t force one that isn’t there.

Eden Hazard, for those in the top 100k, in my opinion, represents a perfect differential, as he’s only owned by roughly 16% in the top 100k and even less in the top 10k. It’s not much of a gamble as he’s one of the highest scoring players in the game and has returned the most double-figure scores of any player.

Add in the earlier rationale and it’s a perfect opportunity.

If you’re at the top, then you can block out others transfers (mirroring your rivals transfers) – it’s a perfectly viable strategy that has worked for many.

No matter where you finish, even if you don’t end up winning your mini-league or finishing in the overall rank target you set yourself, it’s important to apply perspective and also to learn from mistakes.

If you beat your previous best overall rank finish but are overwhelmed by the amount of people in the community who have really high finishes, be proud and don’t allow that to influence how you feel about your rank.

Best of luck to you all!



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