FPL Free Hit Double Gameweek 32: General Advice and Exploring Optimum Player Picks

We’re on hand to help you find the best players for your FPL Free Hit teams and to lend some general advice ahead of Double Gameweek 32

The first big Double Gameweek of the FPL season has arrived, and whether you’ve activated your Free Hit chip, or going with an alternative strategy, you’re gonna be searching for the optimum players to help get the best out of Double Gameweek 32.

So, we’ve looked at the stats, fixtures, history, behind the players who have a Double Gameweek coming up and have picked out the teams, and the players in those teams, you really ought to be looking at and focusing on to build your ultimate Free Hit squad.

Before we get to that however, I do want to lend some general advice for those on a Free Hit, as there may be some things that some may not have thought about.

General Advice

Don’t automatically ignore Single Gameweek players

One point in particular that I wished to make, was that when on a Wildcard/Free Hit planning for a Double Gameweek, the temptation is there to focus solely on players who have two fixtures – of course, why wouldn’t it be?

But just because a player is playing twice, it doesn’t always guarantee more points than a player with a Single Gameweek, as I’m sure many an FPL veteran will tell you.

For example, should we ignore the red-hot form of Sadio Mané, who actually scored a brace in this fixture (Spurs at home) last season, for someone like Son Heung-Min who has blanked in his last 4 PL games, just because he has an extra fixture?

I’m not saying we should always go with the in-form Single Gameweek player over an out-of-form Double Gameweek player, rather just to consider it and not simply take it for granted that the player playing twice will score more points than the one playing once.

Also, in general, don’t ignore teams with a very good Single Gameweek fixture. Luckily, it doesn’t look like DGW32 is throwing up any real eye-catching Single Gameweek fixtures other than Arsenal v Newcastle, but with more premium forwards like Agüero, Kane, Lukaku, Higuain all having very good Double Gameweek fixtures, players like Lacazette and Aubameyang should really be disregarded, so we don’t have to worry about this too much this time around.

Maximise funds in your first 11

The second point I wished to make was that, unless you have the team you really want with money left to spare, there’s no sense in having any money invested in a bench in this context, as it’s highly unlikely that any player you pick will miss both games, as they’d have to miss both games in order to get any bench player substituted on.

So to maximise the potential of your first 11, pick the cheapest player in every position on your bench so that you can invest and focus all available money on the players who are going to bring you home the bacon.

Pick the players you think will score the most points

This last one sounds stupidly obvious, but often, especially those of you involved in communities, whether it’s on Reddit, Twitter or the Fantasy Football Scout forums, through discussion, we see other FPL managers teams and this can have a sub-conscious effect on our own decisions and player picks.

For example, I’ve seen a lot of chat in the Twitter community about a ‘Template Free Hit team’ which largely consists of triple Man City, triple Manchester United, double or triple Chelsea and 2/3 differentials from one of Wolves, Palace, Watford or Spurs.

Even I said to myself, having seen a lot of teams, that I felt I needed to try to differentiate a little more after seeing it, but what we must always remember, is that our communities are a tiny click of managers in the vast ocean of people that play the game.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 11.50.13.png

For context, 5 days ago, Official FPL tweeted this from their Twitter account. That’s roughly around 1% of overall managers at that point, have activated their Free Hit for DGW32.

Even if you’re playing mainly against those in the community you’re in, you should still try to solely pick the players you think are going to score the most points. If that means having a very similar team to others, then so be it. Don’t compromise the potential of your own team just to try and be a little different.

Teams and Players

Manchester City: Fulham (a), Cardiff (H)

Embed from Getty Images


Sergio Agüero: Simply a must. 18 goals and 9 assists in 26 appearances so far this season, with 2 hat-tricks in his last 6 PL games. Wasn’t picked for International Duty, so fully rested. Minimal risk of rotation (this is Pep however). Captaincy option with the potential to go nuclear.

Raheem Sterling: Another must. Played 70 and 90 minutes for England on International Duty but scored 4 goals and 1 assist in 2 games. 62pts in his last 6 GWs and the other real captaincy option with the potential to go nuclear. Moderate risk of rotation with Pep having benched him twice in the last 6 GWs but should see substantial minutes across both games irrespective of being benched in one.

Aymeric Laporte: With the fitness of numerous defenders in doubt and no call-up for France, Laporte could be the safest pick of the City defenders. With 4 goals and 1 assist in all competitions, he carries a decent goal threat and with the two fixtures, has a good chance to pick up 2 clean sheets.

Ederson: If you’re unsure of Laporte starting both too, then choose Ederson, as he will certainly see 180 minutes across the two fixtures.

Manchester United: Watford (H), Wolves (a)

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Marcus Rashford: A slight fitness doubt, but if confirmed fit tomorrow in the press conference, Rashford could be a great pick at his price, especially if Lukaku is confirmed out too (MEN reporting that he’s struggling with a foot injury). Form has dried up somewhat in the PL, but if fit, should start both games and with Lukaku out, should lead the line in two relatively decent fixtures.

Paul Pogba: Like Rashford, form has dried up somewhat recently, with a missed pen and only 1 assist in his last 4 PL games, but the potential across these two fixtures for Pogba is there for him to give us a big haul. With Ole now confirmed as United boss, he’ll want to start his official reign off in style at Old Trafford against Watford. Watford have conceded the 4th most amount of big chances (44) away from home.

Victor Lindelöf: The wife has had the baby and as such, Lindelöf should be available for selection for both matches. At £5.1m, it represents a good price for someone who should see 90 in both matches with a chance to get a clean sheet in at least 1 of those, with a moderate threat from set-pieces.

Chelsea: Cardiff (a), Brighton (H)

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Eden Hazard: A consistent performer in the Chelsea ranks, but often negatively affected by his team-mates in terms of FPL points. On pens, nailed on and the 4th highest scoring FPL asset so far with a whopping 8 double-figure hauls, it would be risky to go without the Belgian magician given the fixtures.

David Luiz: A slight rotation risk after being dropped for the match against Fulham, but see no reason for him to be dropped again. Carries the greater goal threat over Rüdiger and Azpilicueta with an assist threat too with his unorthodox, but very accurate long balls over the top.

Cesar Azpilicueta: Nailed on, no risk of rotation. 5 assists so far this season but minimal to non-existent goal threat. BPS machine typically for £0.4m more than D.Luiz.

Kepa Arrizabalaga: The cheapest defensive Chelsea option at £5.4m.

Spurs: Liverpool (a), Crystal Palace (H*) * – new stadium. 

Embed from Getty Images


Harry Kane: At £12.5m, given the difficult fixtures and the other options available, it seems a bit of a luxury pick to go for Kane. If you have a very strong squad value (£106m >), then you might be able to fit him in without it unbalancing your team too much. 180 minute man, 3 goals in last 3 appearances v Liverpool and in decent form however, I would not be picking him at the expense of Agüero/Sterling/Hazard.

Son Heung-Min: By far the best choice from Spurs for me. Alli and Eriksen have both not performed well enough this season for their respective prices to be considered and Son’s numbers for cheaper, blow their’s out of the water, despite his form being off recently. 11 goals and 7 assists in his 19 starts in the PL so far however, some risk of rotation.

Crystal Palace: Huddersfield (H), Spurs (a)

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Michy Batshuayi: With the first of their two fixtures in mind, Batshuayi could be a good differential at just 1.9% ownership. Can’t see anything for him at Spurs, but the home fixture should give him a good chance of at least a goal after a fairly decent return so far to the PL, with a couple of goals in his last 4 PL starts.

Luka Milivojevic: On set-pieces and penalties, with a decent goal threat from range, the defensive midfielder has racked up an impressive 9 goals and 1 assist so far this season. At £6.3m, he’s a fairly decent option for your 4th/5th midfield slots.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: If declared fit, the legendary cheap Wan-Bissaka is a great budget option with a home fixture that has a great chance of a clean sheet

Wolves: Burnley (a), Manchester United (H)

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Raul Jimenez: With the FA Cup semi final coming 5 days after the Manchester United game and just a short 3 day gap between the Burnley and the United game, there is a chance of some rotation, but Jimenez has started every PL game this season bar 1 (NEW away in GW16), so good chance he sees significant minutes in both games and is outstanding value at £6.8m having returned 12 goals and 8 assists so far this season.

Diogo Jota: Again, some risk of rotation, but having moved up front along side Jimenez, has started to fulfil his potential with 4 goals and 4 assists in his last 8 starts. Listed as a midfielder but playing up front, Jota looks a decent pick for our 4th/5th midfielder slots if you’re not worried about rotation.

Matt Doherty: Same point about rotation with Doherty, but again, outstanding value for a defender who gets forward as much as he does. A constant threat down the right with 3 goals and 6 assists so far this season. Decent chance of points in both fixtures if the worry of rotation doesn’t get the better of you.

Watford: Manchester United (a), Fulham (H)

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Troy Deeney: Watford play Wolves in the FA Cup semi final, so as with the Wolves picks, there’s a slight risk with the Watford choices too, especially as their second Double Gameweek fixture against Fulham is sandwiched between United and the FA Cup semi final. But Deeney is in great form, with 3 goals and 3 assists in his last 4 PL appearances and is at a great price of just £5.9m. Again, if you’re not scared of rotation, he could be a fantastic differential option.

Gerard Deulofeu: In similarly great form, (3 goals and 2 assists in last 4 PL appearances), and at a budget price of £5.6m, Deulofeu represents a good budget, differential pick too if you think he will start the Fulham game.


  • Max out on Manchester City assets with our advice being to have Agüero and Sterling with 1 of Laporte and Ederson. Sané, B.Silva, D.Silva all represents big rotation risks and/or poor value for what they can offer in relation to other available choices.
  • Max out on Manchester United assets with our advice to go with Rashford, Pogba and Lindelöf. Martial and Lingard both potential rotation risks and/or represent poor value for what they can offer.
  • 2 Chelsea assets with Eden Hazard being a must, along with 1 defensive asset. Pedro/Willian both sub on and off for each other and aren’t consistent. Higuain unproven yet and expensive for an asset as such, especially with other decent FWD options available. Defence not consistent enough in our opinion to double-up.
  • Fill team out with some differential picks from Spurs, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Wolves and Watford.
  • Preach caution when picking Wolves and Watford assets with the FA Cup semi final coming after their second DGW fixture.
  • Single GW fixtures not strong enough to warrant investment in Single GW players over the Double GW players that are available.
  • Sadio Mané staying in is justifiable however given form, but pricey given the big hitters (Sterling/Hazard/Agüero) that are available and their potential in the Double.
  • Ignore Fulham and Cardiff assets.



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