Low Player Value: Chris Wood

Next in our new ‘player value’ series, we ask: Is Wood a good option despite Burnley’s lack of proficiency in front of goal? 

One eye on the past – first off, the problem was his game-time. He joined Burnley from Leeds in August 2017 and has made only 20 Premier League appearances. He spent around 80 days injured which accounts for a lot of his absence, but even in his last ten games, he started seven, completed 90mins in two and didn’t appear at all in one.

However, in the medium-term (which represents this ten game period), he averaged 3.9pts per game (goals, assists & bonus points) – and versus our value for money target of 2.3pts per game (4.3 including appearance points), we shouldn’t write him off just yet. with him averaging 2.6pts per game in the long-term.

One eye on the future – Burnley are only forecast to score 1 goal in each of their opening five fixtures, which makes their attacking players less than appealing.

Games three and five, away to Fulham and Wolves respectively, are a little-bit unknowns due to being new to the Premier League – so you might feel there is more potential here than our algorithms are predicting.

Finally, we cannot forget that Burnley are playing in Europe this term, which is likely to result in more limited game-time for Wood.

What to do? – the fact of the matter is, that his price-tag of £6.5M, for a player who has proven he can exceed our value for money target (even with limited game-time), is appealing.

Having said that, we won’t be recommending him generally, but would advise that some squads might need him to facilitate big signings – if this is the case, be mindful that he is probably one for the long-term, because he (and Burnley) are capable of a number of blanks over a five game period, but should serve you well over ten to fifteen games.

FPL Tip: make sure that the majority of your players (if not all) are nailed-starters and achieve 75+ mins regularly.

Wood week 1

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